Pinnacle Erosion Control is a full-service erosion and soil stabilization company offering a wide variety of services ranging from Hydro-seeding, well pad restoration, and Compost Filter Sock.

  • Hydroseeding
  • Compost filter sock
  • Erosion Control Blanket
  • Straw Seeding
  • Riparian Buffers
  • Stream Restoration
  • Buffer Planting
  • Silt Fence
  • Super Silt Fence


Our reputation for accomplishing superior level of production and quality while maintaining safety as the primary focus. When hiring Pinnacle Erosion Control, project managers know that PEC will be onsite when needed and they will receive superior quality materials by a qualified and supervised staff.  We pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly adapt to ever changing conditions found onsite.

In addition, Pinnacle Erosion Control is proud and known for its safety record. Our staff receives regular training and updates on OSHA Standards of Safety through weekly staff / training which keeps our staff updated on new state regulations and policies.